(February 5th 2016)

The Journey of the Clothes Pile

Blog: The Journey of the Clothes Pile

And thus concludes a fun filled near-week in Sheffield recording the third season of A Little Bit Racey. I always enjoy my time doing them and leaving the house is apparently a bonus but I always feel drained afterwards. I think it's because I'm not exactly a people person. Even if I enjoy my time spent socializing by the end of it I always feel tired and wanting my own company for a little while. In conclusion I was pondering doing a comic about finding social interactions exhausting but I couldn't think of an idea for one. Or rather I couldn't think of one that wouldn't make my friends think I was calling them a chore to be around. Maybe I'll care less in the future the next time I'm struggling to come up with an idea.

I'm not James Cottle... sorry.