(December 11th 2015)

Writer's Block

Blog: Writer's Block

As you may have guessed this week I had trouble writing... Well anything really. Animating is getting a lot funner though, I think partially because the stuff I've been doing it for isn't going to be worked on properly for ages and ages and ages. And ages. I think in general it's always funner to think about stuff when it's super early in development. You can be so abstract and unbound, where as with stuff that's already in production, more often than not, the creativity comes from trying to "creatively" solve a problem... that's the case with me at least. There's a distinct possibility that other people don't have to put out as many self inflicted fires as I do. In conclusion I've started work as a script reader and I was pleasantly surprised when I got to give the note; an Atari controller is probably too small to turn into a bong. Maybe a pipe?

Kid rock is the poorest person here, apart from you guys.