(December 4th 2015)

Dawn of Foreshadowing

Blog: Dawn of Foreshadowing

Am I alone in not being overly fussed about Dawn of Justice? I'm more of a cartoon guy than a comic book guy so I don't want to say "those character depictions aren't faithful" but... Well I think you can guess where I'm going with this. Something that I always loved about Lex as a character is how he could so effortlessly command a room, this version really feels like he's trying too hard. I guess you could argue that him acting wacky and eccentric supports the idea that he's powerful, like he's got so much sway he doesn't have to give a fuck. Plus this looks like a very early Lex Luthor so, maybe that cold intensity is gonna be developed over time but, I dunno. Also it looks like Batman is holding a gun in that last shot with Supes and Wonder Woman. I don't care if he's used guns in the comics before, I like that the Batman was born when his parents died and his refusal to use firearms is a cool extension of that. It's not sacrilege it just feels like a bit of a missed opportunity for some cool theming. In conclusion this is kind of a moot point, I'm still gonna see it when it comes out.

I have a bad history with freaks dressed as clowns.