(April 29th 2016)

Call of C'Thun

Panel 1:
A spokesperson stands next to a tarp underneath a banner reading Blizzard
Spokesperson: We understand that Hearthstone can be a frustrating game sometimes so to help combat this issue...

Panel 2:
He unveils C'thun
Spokesperson: Weíre giving everyone a card that berates you whenever you give him a buff

Panel 3:
Cíthun: Your deck sucks. Your minions hate you. Why havenít you rage quit yet?
Spokesperson: See? Who doesn't feel more relaxed?

Panel 4:
Cíthun leans in close to the Spokesperson
Cíthun: life, hope, love, sanity. These are all dreams that I will soon wake you from

Panel 5:

Panel 6:
Spokesperson: D'awww