(April 8th 2016)

The Walking Disappointment

Blog: The Walking Disappointment

You know I have to admit, I actually had the finale for the walking dead spoilt for me. Technically it was leaked. Some article online stated that the ending was going to have Maggie in labor while we saw a POV of Negan's victim and that it would end without us finding out who died. I don't know if this helped or hindered my enjoyment of the finale. On the one hand I was prepared for the ensuing bullshit but on the other it might've not put me in the best mindset for watching it. In conclusion the guy playing Negan did a good job but I was kinda expecting him to be bigger... Like how Negan is in the comics. I mean I hate to be that guy but in the comics Negan looked like a biker thug that could body most anyone where as TV version looks a little too thin. I'm sure I'll get over it.

Taking it like a champ.