(April 8th 2016)

The Walking Disappointment

Panel 1:
Ed and Sam sit on a sofa

Panel 2:
Ed: So here’s what I think about the walking dead

Panel 3:
Ed: I don’t think the zombies actually like the taste of people

Panel 4:
Ed: Think about every time you’ve seen an animal in that show. Percentage wise we’ve seen way more animals get eaten than people

Panel 5:
Ed: It really seems like the zombies are eating people out of necessity but when there’s animal meat up for grabs they pull out their A-game
Sam: Fair point

Panel 6:

Panel 7:
Sam: Kinda feels like we should be talking about the finale though

Panel 8:
Ed: If you can think of a way to stretch out “wasn’t that cliff hanger bullshit” for 8 panels then be my guest
Sam: Also fair point