(April 1st 2016)

Man of Steel Vs. Dawn of Justice

Blog: Man of Steel Vs. Dawn of Justice

Not a lot happened this week except, as you may have guessed, I saw Batman Vs. Superman. I almost wish I'd liked it just so I'd have something more interesting to say than "I think it was overly long and the story was all over the place" like everyone else has. I have to admit though, I was kinda thinking this (this being the contents of today's comic) when the first trailers came out; Supes' dad spent most of the last film telling him how special he was and now Martha is basically going to undercut him in what was a pretty throw away scene. I held off doing this comic until I actually saw the film because you know, gotta give it a fair shake. Maybe they justify it in the film, but no. Jonathon Kent's unshakable belief that his son is meant for greatness sandbagged because his wife wanted to make their son feel a little better after a rough day. In conclusion it was either going to be this or a comic about how stupid it was that Batman warms towards Superman immediately after finding out that their mother's had the same first name. I went with this because I haven't seen an over abundance of comics making this point already. Really hoping there isn't a reason for that beyond "most other people didn't notice".

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