(September 26th 2014)


Blog: Manga

I’ve started (and subsequently nearly finished) watching Sym-Bionic Titan this week. I really need to stop falling in love with shows that have been canceled, especially animated series. I don’t know why but it always stings that little bit more when an animated series I like is axed, maybe because I know it’s also depriving impressionable children of quality television (not that Clone High had that many children watching it but, fuck it, I really liked that show and my point is still applicable to Cartoon Network shows). Sorry to turn this blog into a mini review of sorts but seriously, if you haven’t already you should watch Sym-Bionic Titan, you can tell I have the utmost respect for it because I always spell it’s name with capital letters. In conclusion it didn’t really wow me until Shadows of Youth; I really thought I knew where the episode was going and then, well, it didn’t. Same thing with Tashy 469 and it’s right after Shadows of Youth. It’s a good show for a plethora of reasons, I just have a soft spot for any kids show that can keep me guessing.

Booty quake it.