(September 19th 2014)

How To How To Google

Blog: How To How To Google

God I fucking hate that I had to draw this comic twice. I’m not apposed to drawing a comic page until it meets your expectations, but with one as text heavy as this, it’s really just a case of don’t fuck up the lettering. Which I didn’t! I sketched, spaced out the lettering and inked that shit, but when I started inking in the drawings around the edge I just fucked up the Google logo so hard. You might be think “how do you fuck up inking the Google logo?” Well I cocked up the G and the rest of it just went to hell. In conclusion I’m sorry that this weeks blog is me talking about how I fucked up a pretty easy drawing. I’m thinking about going to Thought Bubble in Leeds with this comic and I’ve been evaluating the fragility of some of my friendships but, those thoughts all went out the window the second I fucked up that logo.

G spot rocks the G spot.