(September 12th 2014)

Mary Sues

Blog: Mary Sues

So I’ve been thinking a lot more about gimmicks this week; specifically the line between gimmicks and proper utilization of a medium. Even more specifically I’ve been reading a bunch of creepy pastas and SCP Foundation and S (the Dorst novel) and I kinda want to write something a bit more prose-y but that could only exist on the internet. Obviously, that’s been the main inspiration for me pondering exploitation in this way. 3d films, the Nintendo DS and the 3D function on the Nintendo 3DS get a lot of this and, using the likes of Spirit Tracks and that ending scene in Despicable Me as a case study, necessity is dictated by enjoyment. In conclusion, people tout the stylus based system of movement in Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass as gimmicky because they don’t enjoy doing it. I enjoy it so I don’t find it quote unquote gimmicky. A ground breaking conclusion I know, but it’s hard for me to take an criticism that involves the word “gimmicky” seriously because it implies that it knows the exact intentions of the creator. I have no issue evaluating a finished product, but I take slightly more umbrage when reviews stray into mind reading.

Think of a card... No not that one.