(October 3rd 2014)


Blog: Driving

I’m not sure if my unease about driving is part of generic anxiety or lacking confidence, or if it’s specific to operating a vehicle. I never tried riding a motorcycle, largely because they aren’t as safe as cars so, unless I’m allowed to drive a tank on the roads, a car is the safest thing I can drive. Maybe lorries are safer? Obviously not lorries carrying explosives like in the action movie picture shows, but lorries carrying nice cargo. Maybe I should become a lorry driver who specializes in driving shipments of pillows... Or kittens. In conclusion that’s kinda bullshit, because if I end up swerving on a patch of black ice and hammering into a bunch of other cars, the fact that I’m transporting something soft probably isn’t going to do me any good. Doubt the kittens would survive either so... Yeah, that’s why I get a bit on edge when I drive.

Must go faster.