(November 28th 2014)

Clouds 3: Escape 3 Africa

Blog: Clouds 3: Escape 3 Africa

So this has been an interesting week (albeit not a very cloud centric one). I passed my driving test on the 17th and my license turned up in the post yesterday. I’ve got a job interview next Monday that pays well and has nicely flexible hours so I can have time for writing and drawing etc. Generally a lot of things have happened this week designed to make me feel more like an adult (except for when my yu-gi-oh cards arrived. That definitely felt like a step backwards maturity wise). In conclusion I’ve been waiting for these specific things to pan out for so long I kinda thought I’d feel more excited or relieved or scared when they actually started to happen. Maybe part of growing up is facing major events with as much indifference as possible. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a one track mind and I’ve mostly just been thinking about my pitch to Cartoon Hangover the past week.

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