(November 21st 2014)

Clouds 2: Reloaded

Blog: Clouds 2: The Cloudening

It’s kind of ironic that I’ve started do comics about clouds seeing as I live in Britain and around this time of year the sky transforms into a grey, swirling mass. Is the definition of irony to be moronic? Maybe that’s why my hit rate has been down this month. In conclusion not a lot pertaining to clouds has been happening to me this week. I have however been applying for a job that pays more than three times an hour what I’m on at the minute (it’s not as great as it sounds, I’m currently on an apprenticeship wage). The downside is that it starts pretty much immediately meaning that I’ll have to leave the company I’m currently working for very short handed and with no warning. They’ve done some pretty shitty things to me and I’ve worked for them for free for close to four months already but, it’s surprisingly hard to shake the knowledge that they’re still human beings with goals and aspirations just like me. Maybe weed will help me forget. Wait, no, new job has random drug tests.

Legalize it.