(November 14th 2014)

Clouds 1: The Cloudening

Blog: Clouds 1: The Cloudening

When I was younger I kinda had a hard time having fun. Like when I went paint balling I had trouble distracting myself from the discomfort of having to crouch for ages or how tired I got running around all day (maybe this should be a blog post about fitness?). A similar thing happened when I went on an airsofting weekend, although I’m willing to chalk that up to a dislike for camping which is perfectly normal because camping is rubbish (so says me from behind one of the many screens that makes up my reality). I think I’m better now and I think that’s partially because I’m ever so slightly more easy going now (possibly maybe) but I do still worry about being a stick in the mud on the inside. In conclusion maybe I’d be more fun if I wasn’t so worried about whether I’m fun or not?

Food for thought.