(November 7th 2014)


Blog: Karma

Work has been interesting but, for a change of pace, this week I’m going to write a blog that’s somewhat relevant to the comic it’s accompanying. Yesterday me and a couple of friends (a couple of friends and I?) went to a pub where some people were playing old country music. I’m not sure if that’s the correct term but there were accordions and violins involved. Also when I say they were playing, I don’t mean they were on a stage, they were sat at the other end of the pub with a pint and a dog that could possibly belong to the establishment (the establishment being the pub, not the bad kind of establishment that all those V for Vendetta fans seem to hate for some reason). The point being that my friends remarked on how much they loved hearing them perform live, and that they’re sad that they’ll never be able to hear it again but if they had recorded it, it wouldn’t be as good. In conclusion I do think we as a generation have been somewhat spoilt by the internet. When was the last time you wanted to see something you’ve seen before and you weren’t able to torrent it or find it on YouTube?

I gave my love to Erin