(May 29th 2015)

No Good Cartoons

Blog: No Good Cartoons

This week has been good. I’ve adjusted my work schedule a bit and actually seem to be getting more done, the main adjustment being that instead of working on 4 or 5 different projects for an hour or two each day, I’m focusing more on dedicating days to one or two projects and completing them to a specific degree before I let myself call it a night. Maybe this isn’t going to be best in the long run but for the time being I seem to be spending less time on the internet than I used to so it can’t be all bad. The only downside is I’m starting to get sick so I need to not fall back into the habit of taking a break to “recover” and then taking for ever to get back into a good work flow because I’ve gotten used to doing nothing all day. In conclusion I’m making myself be busier and as a result I don’t feel as much like I’m wasting my life.

Beer is for waste-oids.