(May 15th 2015)

Viral Marketing

Blog: Viral Marketing

So what’s been going on this week? Well not as much as I’d hoped to be honest. While I’m in between work I’m trying to write or make or edit or something productive for at least 8 hours a day but I’m failing quite spectacularly at that goal. I think it’s a combination of pessimism and a short attention span. When I’m writing and I get stuck on something I just find it so easy for my mind to wonder. Like I say, compounding matters is a lack of motivation that comes from thinking “it doesn’t matter, it’s not like what I’m working on will be of any interest to anyone who can make it”. I am going to be doing some short film filming this weekend which is quite nice though. In conclusion if doing this webcomic should’ve taught me anything it’s that quality isn’t always a necessity for progress, just keep doing something regularly for long enough and people will find it.

Why do you have low self esteem? What is wrong with you?