(May 8th 2015)

Political Cartoon

Blog: Political Cartoon

The General Election was yesterday and at the time of writing this it looks like Conservative are going to take it. So anyway, my Cartoon Hangover pitch was last Tuesday and I didn’t get it. A big problem was the dialogue, mainly there was too much of it. Also they were too directly talking about themselves when they should be talking about what’s going on and have their characteristics revealed through that as well as their actions. The stakes for the short also weren’t high which is understandable, I was trying to make the importance of a letter for the character more centered around him taking pride in his work but if you look at the Too Cool Cartoon shorts all of the problems are pretty immediately recognizable; the internet isn’t working, I’m unemployed, this galactic criminal is terrorizing some kids. Neither of the characters were good enough. The exact standard that was given was they can’t imagine 12 year olds wanting to cosplay as either of them. I think I can see what they’re getting at but I also can’t really explain it either but, hopefully more active characters that exhibit more flaws will hopefully address that somewhat. They also said they wouldn’t classify it as a comedy due to a “feelsy” part and also just due to the conflict coming from the two main characters having issues. It kind of made the actual tangible threat not as, well, threatening. To be fair this was a result of me trying to emulate Steven Universe which isn’t a bad thing necessarily but I might have been slightly better off trying to emulate the things Frederator/Cartoon Hangover have actually produced if I absolutely have to rip something off. Pacing and quantity of humor problems kind of came as a result of the above issues. I think I’m going to try doing something different for my next pitch instead of re-writing. In conclusion what I want to do with the project I was pitching to them might not be a particularly good fit both in terms of tone and time frame. On the plus side it’s always good to have ideas you can re-appropriate for other contests, submissions, whatever.

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