(May 1st 2015)


Panel 1 - Sam, Ed and Mel are standing around - Ed: It’s in the same universe as Warcraft but it doesn’t really matter. Panel 2 - Mel climbs out of the panels and climbs down the comic to the last panel. - Sam: Does it use mana? Ed: yeah but it generates itself. Panel 3 - Ed: And it doesn’t use phases so you can pull off some pretty unique combos. Panel 4 - Ed: Plus they take advantage of it being online. Like you can play cards that aren’t in your deck and some cards do stuff that isn’t in their text. Panel 5 - Sam: Yeah but I grew up with Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards doing stuff on their own scares me. Panel 6 - Ed: Puss... You hungry? Sam : Sam: Yeah. where do you wanna go? Panel 7 - Ed: I came up with getting food. Pull your weight. Panel 8 - Sam: Any ideas? Mel: Sorry I was miles away, what are we talking about?