(March 27th 2015)


Blog: 3D

Not a particularly interesting week this week. Got my second Cartoon Hangover pitch next week but seeing as I’ve already sent them over my pitch board there isn’t a lot I can do now except rehearse my pitch, after I write one up. I have however been plugging the podcast that I’m a panelist on sometimes, as well as this comic and I’ve also started reviewing cartoons on YouTube. You have guessed this already but, my social media outlets are basically just a means for self promotion as apposed to talking to people (outside of messenger I guess). I kind of feel like I’m missing out on a big part of social media, like I’m being a shitty friend by only ever posting my own stuff while sporadically using it to interact with people. In conclusion check out my animation reviews here. I don’t get a custom URL until I hit 500 subscribers, also for some reason when you search CartoonChannelChris in YouTube my channel doesn’t come up. My review of the Teen Titans Go Young Justice Crossover comes up if you search Chris Watches TV though. I think that’s everything.

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