(March 20th 2015)


Blog: Literacy

What’s the normal frequency to doubt the quality of your work? I’ve slipped from every other day into hourly so I’m currently trying to draw parallels between the circumstances surrounding this project and the circumstances surrounding other projects. If I may elaborate; I have a project that I’m worrying about the quality of, well I had another script that I was super anxious about that I got a lot of positive feedback on so maybe it’ll all turn out fine. Although this other time I was worried about a script being bad and it turned out that was because the script was bad. Well on that occasion I didn’t get a lot of time to redraft where as this time I’ve done a bunch of re-writes, although a lot of those were false starts as apposed to refining the same story over a long period of time. I’m going to stop here out of sympathy for you but just imagine a couple hours of this every night when you close your eyes and try to fall asleep. In conclusion I’m pitching to Cartoon Hangover again on the third of April so, it’s anyone’s guess what could be bringing this self doubt on. It’s on a Friday so I probably won’t be sharing my feedback until the following week because, you never know, someone might find it helpful. I was going to say that I found it very helpful to read up on some of the feedback other rejected ideas received but, seeing as I have yet to be successful in this endeavor, that probably isn’t saying much. Oh well.

My guts, my gu-uts.