(March 13th 2015)


Blog: Adults

Making videos is hard. I’ve been trying to start making animation reviews on YouTube and, yeah, finding video editors that give free trials is hard. Then trying to learn how to use them and getting them to behave as you want on a somewhat outdated computer is also hard. And trying to find free nonlinear video editors is even harder. The ending to this story is: screw it, I’ve got flash cs5.5 exporting decent quality audio now and I learnt how to drop videos on the time line so flash it is. If plague of gripes can make videos on toon boom then I... Have the potential to make videos on flash after I get better at using it. Either way, Cartoon Channel Chris will soonishly be a thing. In conclusion get the fucking lead out VLC. My initial game plan was to just wait until VLC Editor came out but they were taking too long. I can’t wait around for life to be over VLC, I need to move on with my life.

My heart will go on.