(March 6th 2015)


Blog: Knights

Nothing makes you think about your personal projects like being obsessed over one specific personal project and not working on the mountain of other crap you want to get done. I’m curious if any other writers worry that they’re not actually talented as they re-draft. You define or re-work characters or story elements that don’t work but every so often does anyone else worry that they weren’t doing retrospectively basic stuff instinctively? I think I’m worrying about this more because one of the writing tips I got at Uni, for giving characters more distinctive voices, was to give them phrases they favor saying or even just specific words. I’m assuming it’s supposed to make you think more about your characters and work out why they would speak like that so it’s not just on a surface level and it is something I find quite helpful. However, if you’ve ever watched the Nostalgia Critics review of Paranoia (a film by The Cinema Snob) you’ll know the main character says “what” an awful lot. Admittedly I haven’t seen it but the other characters all seem to talk in pretty much the same way as each other. Basically what I’m getting at is it’s unpleasant when you draw parallels between yourself and someone who doesn’t seem particularly close to breaking in the Biz. This is all pretty minor though seeing as, like I say, I still need to watch it for myself but, it’s been a pretty slow week and I didn’t really haven anything else to talk about. In conclusion one of the cartoon hangover videos about creating short stories recommended compulsively watching the stuff they like so they can get a better understanding of how it works so maybe watching and analysing every episode of steven universe on YouTube will at least make me a slightly more competent writer.

Goop hug!