(July 17th 2015)


Blog: Exercise

So in the interest of full disclosure I actually wrote this last Sunday. Basically because I’m doing reaction videos all next week (this week? Tenses get a little confusing when you’re writing something for release in the future that refers to the past with is the present at time of writing). Basically I doubt I’ll have time to write and draw a comic/blog so here’s hoping nothing important happens between now and Friday. The only thing that’s really happened over the course of two days is that in writing a comic for this week I had a hard time coming up with something. I have notes for future comics but none of them seemed particularly “realized” so I figured something text based that I’m reasonably happy with would be better than what I was originally going to go with. In conclusion if anyone is curious as to my creative process it’s a while of looking at stuff around me and trying to think of a jokes that pertain to those things. After that doesn’t work I let my mind wonder for a bit and I usually come up with something that I consider passable at the time. Anyone familiar with the “at the movies saga” of this comic will know that “passable at the time” doesn’t always age well.

There’s no trick to it, it’s just a simple trick.