(July 3rd 2015)


Blog: Bees

I know insects aren’t malicious and pose me no real harm. I know it shouldn’t logically be any problem for me to just ignore them... But I’m sorry, bugs above a certain size just freak the shit out of me. I don’t kill bees anymore because of, well, the reasons I listed in this comic. But yeah, I think it’s a sensory defensiveness thing, the thought of them crawling on my skin makes my... Skin crawl... yeah. Incidentally we’ve had some pretty unbearable heat (comparative for English summers) which have forced me to keep my windows open... Even during the night. My bedroom light and the glow from my computer monitor are evidently pretty alluring to insects. Who knew? In conclusion at time of writing this my bed time was quite some time ago but, I’m waiting to hear from my dealer guy so, now I’m cranky and incoherent.

You know what would help? Weed.