(January 30th 2015)


Blog: Incognito

So I finished my first lot of 12 hour shifts yesterday morning and I’ve learned something very important about myself. I’m a dick when I’m tired. I managed to avoid mouthing off or snapping at my co-workers on my first shift but there was a definite impulse to be grumpy and sarcastic and generally unpleasant. There’s been a couple of other occasions where I haven’t gotten, well, any sleep and became a titanic shit but this time I was more aware of the fact and still found myself slipping into that mindset. In conclusion maybe I’m over reacting and everyone feels the same way but they just have an easier control over their emotions than I do. Also I’m aware that this is a particularly benign blog post but, it’s kind of hard not to be affected by something when you honestly confuse that something for evidence that you’re an unpleasant person. Whenever you see videos or hear stories or encounter in real life inconsiderate pricks image if they just suddenly gain self awareness. It’s what I imagine that would feel like.