(January 16th 2015)


Blog: Well

So this week I was supposed to start at my new job (technically I was supposed to start last week but, that’s beside the point). It’s been irritating but it’s been quite nice to have some extra time to work on projects or dick around on my tablet. It’s at the point where I’m pretty damn eager to actually start there already, if nothing else so I can know which weeks I’m gonna get off. Receiving money is also a motivation to start there soon. What I’m trying to say is it’s quite rare as an adult to get so much time off that you start getting bored and restless so I should probably appreciate this gift of wanting to go back to my day job. In conclusion this is going to be my last blog post before I pitch my short to Cartoon Hangover. I found it really helpful to read other people’s pitch boards and read the feedback they got so if I get rejected I’ll say why next week.

Pay it forward