(January 9th 2015)


Blog: Spelling

So, although this was the comic I had planned for today I spent quite a while debating whether or not to do something in reference to the Charlie Hebdo attacks. I decided against it because, in all honesty, I didn’t really have anything to say on the matter. Or rather I didn’t have anything to say that didn’t feel like I was pointing out the obvious; a tragedy occurred. We all know they didn’t deserve it, we all know terrorism is wrong and we all know beliefs don’t justify murder. I’m not criticizing anyone who has publicly voiced opinions to this effect, I just felt like I didn’t really have anything to add to the general sentiment. Also when I tried it was kinda coming off like they might’ve been at fault for depicting what they did which, couldn’t be further from the truth. In conclusion I didn’t word my comic about Manga particularly well and the result was a lot of people thinking I hate Manga. To say this was something I didn’t want to get misinterpreted on would be an understatement.

Is that okay?