(January 2nd 2015)

Yet Another Two-Parter Part Two

I had so many reasons as to why last weeks comic was just a blank page (for the third time) that I decided to list them all here for you now:

-I was experimenting with a “white” comic

-I was experimenting with a “black” comic but it might’ve been a bit too subversive

-It was an ironic statement about Spike Lee’s opinions on the lack of black actors

-It was a papercraft template for a cubicle wall

-It was a piece of art about the torment of a “blank page” to a writer. The feelings of frustration and impatience that the reader experienced seeing it reflects the struggle of an artistic block. Just as an audience can feel betrayed by an artist who fails to deliver what they want, an artist feels betrayed by a part of themselves when they become completely unable to produce content.

P.S. JK it’s just because the past two years had blank pages on the last Friday of the year and change scares me.