(February 13th 2015)


Blog: Work

It’s Friday 13th and I really wish I’d realised that earlier so I could’ve done a comic that’s more relevant to today’s date. Regardless the only thing I’ve really been thinking about this week has been the stuff I’ve got to get done on my week off. Say what you will about soul crushing jobs but bloody hell they’re good motivators to get personal projects done. Although that being said I didn’t really do much yesterday. Admittedly yesterday I had finished a 12 hour night shift and I was pretty brain dead most of the day but I really don’t want to fall into the habbit of getting pumped to do stuff only to laze around when confronted with free time. In conclusion my current job has a lot of potential to turn into a career which, I really don’t want to happen but I guess it’s up to me to make an alternative for myself. In even more conclusion this blog feels a lot more self involved than most. Next week will be a return to generic blandness.

Me myself and I and him, are all the same guy.