(December 19th 2014)


Blog: Psychic-iatry

So this has been my last week at work. Specifically this is my last day and I’m currently writing this at work because, I feel this is the closest I’m going to get to being paid for creative writing. It’s odd, that’s been on my mind the most lately but I haven’t really got a lot to say about it: I’m looking forward to my last day because it’s Christmas and in the new year I can start making some decent money. I’m also waiting to miss stuff about my current work aside from some select people. I haven’t had that feeling of importance imposed on mundane tasks because “it’s the last time I’ll ever do them”. Maybe it’ll hit me later. Maybe I’ll enjoy not working for such low pay, not to mention the fact that I was never actually started on an apprenticeship so I’m pretty sure they’ve been breaking the law by paying me less than minimum wage (whoops). In conclusion I have to do a handover after my lunch so I need to get back to the old grindstone (aka doing as little as physically possible on my last day/everyone’s last day before Christmas).

Happy go fuck yourself.