(December 12th 2014)


Blog: Sexism

So this comic probably a little outdated, in as much as gender politics hit it’s crescendo on Facebook a couple of months ago after Gamer Gate outrage fizzled out and now it’s just another thing we’re all aware of but don’t think about particularly actively. I wish I could say it was a conscious decision and that I wanted to express some sort of half arsed opinion without jumping on a band wagon but, unfortunately, that would be a lie. I wrote the thing and I’m only putting it up now because I didn’t have a comic scheduled for this week and it was one I already had written up (mostly). In conclusion I’m never sure what to make of the penultimate anything (Except for penultimate episodes. They generally serve as hype machines for the finale God bless ’em). I only mention it now because it’s my second to last week at my current job and I’ve felt like I’ve been in limbo for the last seven days. It’s not quite the end but it’s also hard to legitimately care about what you’re doing. Also this conclusion doesn’t really sum anything I was talking about, did anyone else notice that?

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