(December 12th 2014)


Panel 1 – Ed is talking to Mel - Ed: Are rape jokes still “not okay”? Is that even a Feminist issue because it seems like it should be a humanitarian issue. Panel 2 - Ed: Were people actually up in arms about that debate or was it just a knee-jerk reaction to a perceived threat against freedom of speech? Panel 3 - Ed: Or was it because people that laughed at rape jokes felt like they were being unfairly judged. I mean that’s how I felt sometimes. Panel 4 - Ed: But is that necessary? Maybe we do need to sacrifice some personal freedoms to combat a bigger issue like Rape Culture. Panel 5 - Ed: Also, no comment on beliefs or morals, but isn’t the name feminism counterproductive to gender equality? Panel 6 - Ed: If your end goal is equality why would you name your cause something that inherently implies a divide between the genders? Panel 7 - Ed: Of course women used to be so horrifically oppressed, naturally the cause started out as equality by empowerment like the Black Power Movement, but surely you have to update and re-assess… right? Is that okay? Panel 8 - Mel: Are you asking me this stuff because you value my opinion or because I’m your only female friend? Ed: … Yes