(August 14th 2015)

Click Bait

Click bait articles proven to bring out the best in humanity?

Of course they don’t but, who cares? You’ve already clicked on the link now and it’s not like you can just take back the hit you’ve given this web space.

Even if you don’t click any of the equally bullshit ads (which incidentally are the reason why this page took ten fucking minutes to load) statistically someone will. Yes even the one that says you can trade the first 4 digits of your pin number for a free iPad.

Articles like this trick a bunch of people into reading something of little to no insight by using a title that vaguely pertains to a current event, celebrity target or supposed scientific breakthrough.

People use the internet because they’re fundamentally curious about something: entertainment news, social activities of friends, porn too weird for publication. Curiosity can be a wonderful thing and click bait articles take advantage of this trait by publishing poorly written tat that strains, and usually fails, to relate to it’s grand sounding title.

So in conclusion click bait articles play on innate curiosity, which is how they bring out the best in humanity.