(August 7th 2015)

Catch 22

Blog: Catch 22

Another indeterminate chunk of time another pitch to Cartoon Hangover. I’m booked in to pitch again on the 17th of August and, I’m kinda worried again. I know that doesn’t sound particularly insightful “you’re nervous about pitching something, so what?” Well I want to take the time to properly explain why I think my pitch is going to go badly so that in a couple of weeks time when I get my feedback there’ll be a record of either how phenomenally right I was, or how blind I was to the real problems of my pitch. In conclusion I think it’s a bit too dialogue heavy and I’m not sure that I can cut down the dialogue enough to save the run time. I’m also concerned that the ending doesn’t make sense, I tried to build up to a big finale/spectacle but in trying to re-create those big anime finishers that don’t actually make a lot of logical sense, I’ve made something comprehensible to anyone other than myself. Also I’m worried that the motivation, arc, whatever that allows the main character to succeed in the end doesn’t show any real growth. So I guess fingers crossed it’s jokes and atmosphere can carry it, also tried to make the lead a bit more fleshed out as a character.

He was good at everything on the first try, just like me.