(April 24th 2015)


Blog: Voting

I have to admit, I’m not overly interested in politics. I think it’s probably because I’ve never really been effected changes in government so it’s never felt like a priority. Also the fact that there’s a lot to know about politics makes it quite daunting for a new comer to get involved. It’s a similar reason as to why I’m hesitant to play sandbox games, I just know there’s going to be so much stuff. I’m not saying that stuff isn’t worth while it’s just there’s only so many hours in a day and I struggle to find time for personal projects as is. Also, not for nothing but, I don’t really think I’d affect much of anything if I was more politically involved to the point where my time always seemed better served trying to make or do something constructive. That being said, I’m registered and I do intend to vote if for no other reason than I think someone else is likely to do a better job than the person currently in charge. In conclusion I’ve got another pitch for Cartoon Hangover booked not next Tuesday but the Tuesday after so, business as usual. When I get rejected I’ll share my feedback in the hopes of helping others possibly maybe.

What if jail finds out?