(April 24th 2015)


Panel 1 - Sam and Ed are walking - Ed: I’m so sick of people trying to shame me into voting. Panel 2 - Ed: I don’t care about politics so I don’t vote. “Oh, I should be more interested in politics?” Well how I spend my free time is none of your fucking concern. Panel 3 - Sam: Dude I don’t care how you vote, if you do at all. Panel 4 - Sam: But I get it. I mean I can believe people not taking an interest or just doing nothing in general is part of why there’s so many problems with this country.  Panel 5 - Ed: ... So you don’t care how I decide to vote? Panel 6 - M.U.G.E.N. Is running on a laptop with Ed Milaband and David Cameron selected as the characters. - Sam: Ed I really don’t think- Ed: Shut up and fight for your country!