(April 17th 2015)

Super Powers

Questions i would ask anyone offering to give me super powers: -will these powers turn me into a hideous freak? -What about this process of giving me powers has made it so that even the military has no interest in it? -no seriously, i want to be super strong but if it means I have to be giant and scaly or whatever all the time I think I’ll pass. You know, just in case I turn out to be pretty shit tier I don’t want to constantly be reminded of it every time I’m... Well conscious -Are these powers that I just flat out have, or do they start going away or killing me if you don’t do something to me every so often? -Are you going to put some kind of mind control thingy or bomb in me to make sure I obey you? If so please don’t. Fun fact: these question kind of become irrelevant if you take into consideration the fact that bad guys might also be liars