(April 3rd 2015)

Chris Chan

Blog: Chris Chan

So tonight at 11pm I’ve got my second pitch. I’ve tried to stave off nerves by telling myself that I’m not pitching and rather getting feedback on my writing and pitching skills from two industry professionals for free. This was working relatively nicely until I actually started working on my presentation skills which means feigning enthusiasm about my work... Which gave way to legitimate enthusiasm about my work... Which seems to have given way to nerves and sadness about the statistical likelihood of me not getting a green light. In conclusion most of the other shorts made by Cartoon Hangover seem to have been pitched by people with industry experience, also there are other places on the internet that seem to be taking animation pitches. Also also the last lot of feedback I got was pretty helpful so either way I should at least make some progress as a writer even if it is just self improvement and experience.

I couldn’t think of a quote so I’m just going to go back to trying to stop my hands from shaking.