(September 27th 2013)

Spiral Knights

Blog: Spiral Knights

So Spiral Knights is a super fun online game and it rocks ultimate, but I nearly fell out with them over an equally ultimate rocking costume helm. Basically I was a arsey (and kinda sort of in the wrong) in my email to their customer support but they gave me the helm I thought I was getting anyway. So even more basically I was a dick, they were nice and I immediately felt bad afterwards so now my super cool shogun helm also acts as something of a monument to my douche bag-ery. So public grovelling to 3 Rings customer support completed I want to quickly address something that kind of bugs me about public perception of MMORPG's. I think this all started because Ego Raptor said on Game Grumps that MMORPG's are inherently manipulative because they're designed in a way that never has a conclusive ending so therefore they manipulate players into coming back/wasting their time/wasting their money. I'm probably butchering the premise and I can fully believe that Mr. Raptor has thought about this at great length but I fully-er believe that the people who prescribe to this theory are simply quoting Ego without thinking about the premise. I say this because these are the same people who will chastise over weight people that try to sue fast food companies for making them fat. You see on one hand you are responsible for your own actions but on the other hand evil corporations are trying to influence you and that's not acceptable. Evidently you determine which one is which by... I dunno, whichever one pisses off more people I guess. In conclusion food makes you fat... and not just fast food, all foods will make you fat and kill you. Video games make you fat as well and will result in death. Spiral Knights, on the other hand, has no noticeable connection between premature death and it's use of equipment as avatar strength as opposed to set character attributes.

Never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game.