(September 6th 2013)

Finale (Part 3 of 3)

Blog: Finale (Part 3 of 3)

So this is the first comic page of the new year and, honestly, it was a little daunting. For the first year of comics I got everything written up and drawn before I started making the website. Everything was already done, I just had to scan a picture and upload to the server once a week. This year though I've got everything written but, I'm drawing them on a week by week basis to allow a bit more flexibility in what I put out. I also have a blog that I need to write and post weekly as well which, doesn't sound like much but, every week, without fail, Friday always seems to come out of nowhere. It's getting easier (This blog post was done retrospectively if you're curious how I know I'm getting better at something that I've, by appearance, only just started doing). I'm uploading earlier in the day and I'm getting better at doing website admin. In conclusion drawing backgrounds is hard so thank god I committed to that being a staple early on, right? Say what you will about my art work; it may not be good but, at least now there' more of it.

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