(October 18th 2013)


Blog: Sonic

I've been a fan of Sonic games for most of my life. I was the first person in my home to get past chemical plant zone in Sonic The Hedgehog 2, which I was always proud of due to the fact that I had 2 older brothers. I think the point I'm getting at is, I was one of the guys who was super depressed after they played Sonic 2006 and one half of Sonic Unleashed. I think the games have gotten a lot more, what's the word? Not terrible? I think there's a direct correlation between quality of cannon Sonic games and the employment of Ken Pontac and Warren Graff. I just take issue when with each new game, people decide that it's the first good title to come out since the Mega Drive/Genesis era or Adventure titles. I loved Sonic Colours. Was it perfect? Of course it wasn't, there's no such thing as a perfect game that doesn't include the words “Orarina” or “Windwaker” but it was pretty solid. I could play that game just to hear sonic shout the name of the power ups or to hear the Planet Wisp Act 1 music but, I digress. I was super hyped for Sonic Generations but I always rolled my eyes whenever I read a review saying it was the best sonic game in years, when they released a solid contender the previous year. In conclusion we've collectively decided that Sonic Team make bad games and that every year they shock everyone by releasing a fun game. On the other hand though everyone was super psyched for the release of what was to be the spiritual successor in the Adventure series and what was sold was Sonic 2006. Sonic 2006 was sold... in exchange for money... in shops... Maybe Sonic Team need to put in a few more years before we can forgive. Not forget but, forgive.

It's no use!