(October 11th 2013)

Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik

Blog: Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik

Oh Eggman, were you ever really a threat? In the days of the bit wars you were beaten every 2 stages or so. In the 3D titles you kept on getting overpowered by whatever new recruit you hired to help you take on Sonic. They tried to make you relatively imposing in Sonic Colours (or Colors if you're so inclined) but the bosses where just so damn easy. You were difficult in Generations but in very much the same way that everything was difficult in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. And low and behold, Sonic The lost world, Eggman almost immediately gets over powered by the hired help. At this stage, if I were Sonic, I'd throw the man a bone. I mean the man can't even control his own high end creations. He has to enlist the help of dangerous and unpredictable forces just to level the playing field. If this isn't the sign of a desperate man in dire straights I don't know what is. In the last Nintendo exclusive Sonic title it's rumoured that he's going to start cooking crystal meth to help finance Eggman Land. In conclusion Eggman needs a fucking break, I mean okay he frequently captures small animals of varying planetary origins (Mobius, Wisp and Earth) and sure he then uses those small critters to power machines whose sole purpose is to kill other animals. Sure he blew up half the moon and... okay on second thought, Sonic needs to up his game. Knock off the Megaman / Dr. Willy bullshit. Death to Robotnik.

That's no good.