(November 29th 2013)

Female Characters

Blog: Female Characters

The message of this comic should be pretty obvious. It's clearly a comment on Russia's attitude towards gay people. Only joking, it's just about people who play make believe for a living. Now I really don't want to be an armchair writer. That guy who sits at home angrily watching Big Bang Theory, shouting that they could write better jokes in their sleep, all the while no producer will return their emails or phone calls. Seth Macfarlane must be doing something right because you know what, he has fans of his work and, well... work. Being able to work as a writer is a big deal. To go one step further in contradicting my own comic, I don't think joss Whedon is quite as infallible as people seem to think. Look I really like the majority of his work but, Jesus fucking Christ that man has some die hard fans. People who will literally not hear a bad word against him. In conclusion I don't hate Seth Macfarlane but I'm not exactly blown away by how he writes strong female characters. And I'm a much bigger fan of Joss Whedon's female creations.

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