(November 15th 2013)


Blog: Success

I'm not that optimistic a person, on the whole. My general philosophy is that I'd rather be ready for a let down if it happens, or pleasantly surprised if it doesn't. I've been told that I'm too pessimistic at times and I always have to wonder, what head space would the person telling me that be in if they were in my shoes. Now almost always when I ask myself that question I realise that they would, in fact, be able to see the potential light at the end of the tunnel. But I think part of comedy is being able to ask 'what if'. And for me the idea of someone being completely unable to take their own advice was amusing to me. Also I kind of wanted to give Ed a win in logical thought over Sam for once. In conclusion life has a lot of success and a lot of failures. I know that's such a bland sentence that it's not even worth saying but, honestly, I really can't draw any other conclusion. Don't eat yellow snow, there you go.

Tower of insight, this one.