(November 8th 2013)


Blog: Meta=Beta

I know some of my 6 panel comics can be a bit formulaic, and I know I've said in the past that meta humour becomes a problem when it's used as a band-aid. Meta humour shouldn't be used as a way to excuse your creative flaws. If you can see fault in your work then try to fix it. With that said though... I really quite liked this joke. Maybe I'm a hypocrite because this goes against everything I've said about the proper use of meta jokes and references but, I really quite like this joke. To be fair, I don't know that I use this structure that often and I'm certainly trying to vary things up a little bit. Honestly, I think I gave myself a pass on this one because I feel it could function as a stand alone page. It gives you all the information you need to get the joke right there on the page so... I don't know. Maybe that makes it feel like more of an intentional flaw put in for the purpose of being able to talk about joke writing structure in one of my comics. In conclusion, I'm still a little unsure how I feel about this one and, if you have any thoughts I really do want to hear them. I've got a contact form on my website or if you want to be more direct I've also got a twitter and a facebook page but, if you have any strong feelings for or against this page, I am genuinely interested.

There are no bad ideas in brainstorming.