(May 2nd 2014)

Zoom In

Blog: Zoom In

Do you ever not do something because the circumstances aren't quite perfect enough? I can't count the amount of projects that I put off as a teenager because everything had to be just so and, oddly enough, the stars never aligned themselves nicely enough for me to do much. I know it's that outlandish as a concept: teenager with delusions of self importance doesn't get much done, but I did write a fair bit. The problems came when we tried to put stuff together and actually act on our plans. Maybe that's why I became a writer; I was conditioned to write stuff but shown over and over again that if I try to produce it I'll fail miserably. In conclusion I'm going to start learning to animate again just as soon as my copy of How To Draw Like A Boss arrives. Not joke, I'm fully aware of what I just said but I want to learn how to draw better first before I start making my drawings move... plus I'm in no hurry to undo my conditioning evidently.

Damn you Pavlov!