(March 28th 2014)


Blog: Conflict

So I'm not an overly angry person... in regards to human beings... that are around me at that specific moment in time... sometimes. The point I'm really getting at is that I can be a little short tempered, mostly with technology. The thing is I've heard that venting is apparently quite bad for anger management. Because venting makes you feel better it's conditioning you to associate bursts of rage with pleasure, basically kinda. I only bring it up because I occasionally end up venting at friends as do other friends at me but afterwards I always apologise for it. I feel kinda bad for holding these people hostage while I complain about things and they're allowed to have the same level of contribution in the conversation as a brick wall would. In conclusion I think venting at friends falls under the purview of “bad habits” and I for one am attempting to break mine. Here's hoping it'll make me less angry and a better friend. Also Kill La Kill finished today and I quite liked it, although there's already a Kill La Kill page but not a Gurren Lagann one so, I kind of started a Gurren Lagann page today. Let's see how that pans out.

R.I.P. Mystery character from Kill La Kill.