(March 14th 2014)


Blog: Context

Aren't references weird? I know right. So anyway, I've been doing a blog for a while now and I have to admit, my reasons for doing it are a tad selfish so to speak. Basically I tried to get this site on google Ad Sense but, I didn't have enough text based content and alt text wasn't doing the trick. I haven't tried Ad Sense again yet but, maybe I won't have to. I don't think anyone reads this blog so I can't see the point of continuing, unless I'm wrong. If just one person contacts me on Twitter or Facebook telling me otherwise I will take down this blog and stop posting because, why bother? In conclusion: NOPE. That was all lies. I'm not going to ask you to give me praise or justification for my work. I know this web comic is never going to be financially viable, I just do it because I enjoy doing it. My train of thought is that I'm not very special or unique; ergo, if I like something then so might other people... maybe... I dunno. Point is, I don't like pointless internet begging for attention and I couldn't think of anything more to say about Contexts in referencing pop culture other than; I kinda stole this point of view from Ego Raptor. So yeah, sorry if this joke makes me sound like a smug, self referential, judgemental prick but, like I say, I've been a bit short of blog ideas. Sorry again.