(March 7th 2014)

Portal 2

Blog: Portal 2

So I've never been great with delivering topical stuff; not when I did stand up and not in this comic. I know why I never bothered much with topical stuff when I did stand up; it was because I was worried that it'd accidentally be very good and I'd fall in love with the bit and then I wouldn't stop doing it, even when the time period for it's relevance had long expired. Also I'm always worried about new developments; I don't want to accidentally end up spouting outdated factoids but I'm also not very good at keeping up with anything regarding current affairs. I've mentioned that my knowledge of history in general leaves a lot to be desired so, evidently, it's both past and present events that I'm a bit shaky on. Clearly I'm just not very good with reality full stop. In conclusion I think the metaphorical “attack” that topical material provides is two pronged. It addresses current affairs and if done well it can serve as a timeless monument to the Zeitgeist that it's addressing. I do a hop, skip and a jump over this premise however by harking back to insignificant pockets of pop-culture past their point of interest, thereby eliminating the risk of putting out material that appeals to anybody other than, well me.

A gift from me to me.